If you currently own or are waiting to collect your Loveberry bunny, you may find this page useful. This is a list of food, items and services we currently use and can recommend to new owners of Loveberry bunnies.


I have launched my very own small business selling natural, safe and hand-made treats and chews for bunnies. Please visit my shop's website www.loveberryblossom.com and let me know if you would like to make an order which I can get ready for you before you collect your bunny from me. Use the code LOVEBERRYBUNNY for 10% off your first purchase.

I would greatly appreciate your support!


Good quality pellets in limited amount is another highly important part in their diet. All Loveberry bunnies are either served Allen and Page Natural pellets or Burgess Excell. Please ask me what exact pellets your bunny is used to.


Unlimited fresh, high quality hay is the most important part in a rabbit's diet, no matter the age. My friend owns a local, small business called Hilltop Farm & Animal Supplies, and is selling fresh, farm Timothy hay boxes. You can buy the hay visiting her shop which is less than 10 mins away from me.


I get most of my supplies at a local farm shop called Hilltop Animal & Farm Supplies Ltd which is just over the road selling various feeds, bedding, toys, treats etc. for bunnies as well as other animals. You can purchase a bag of pellets and also collect your future order from Loveberry Blossom website free of charge.


It is important to buy a sturdy, easy to use carrier to collect your bunny. It will last you for ages and be useful for transportation to vets. I use and highly recommend the Curver Petlife Carrier.


Grooming Lionheads is not a long and complicated process if you do it regularly. Rabbits are very good at cleaning themselves, therefore you should never bath your bunny as this will cause stress. Instead, a quick brush a few times a week is all you need. For this you will need a stainless-steel comb and a slicker brush. If you struggle to groom your bunny, I offer a grooming service for £5 which includes coat brushing and de-matting as well as any face trims if required.


You have to make sure you keep your bunny's nails short as they keep growing very quick. For this I use Thunderpaws Professional nail clippers. There are many videos online on how to do this properly. However, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, I also offer £5 nail clip service.


Accidents and sudden illness can occur at any point. In order to protect you from unexpected costs of veterinary treatments, I highly recommend insuring your bunny from the first day you bring it home. Some bunny owners also recommend the Vets4pets rabbit health plan which covers annual health check, vaccinations, nail clips etc.