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The current full price of my bunnies is £80 and is fixed, so no price difference between the different sexes and colours. Each bunny in the litter has been given the same amount of time, effort and care. Therefore, no offers and also no discounts if buying more than one bunny will be given. All the money made goes straight back into their care: vaccinations of my adults, food, bedding, toys etc.


If you live in a high risk area or for any other reason would like your bunny to be vaccinated before you collect it, please let me know. The vaccination cost must be paid on the day of reservation of your bunny. The current price of Nobivac Myxo-RHD Plus vaccine (can be given from 7 weeks) covering both strains of RHD and Myxomatosis is £60. Your bunny then will be fully health checked by a veterinary surgeon and come with a vaccination card.


The non-refundable reservation/holding fee is £30, which is already included in the full price of £80. So if you have reserved a bunny, the payment on the day of collection will be £50. The fee is non-refundable if you change your mind or no longer can collect your bunny. 


The non-refundable holding fee can be paid by a bank transfer. The rabbit is reserved for you only after the payment has been received. 


Due to the risk of growing spread of the RVHD as well as COVID19 around, I am not allowing any viewings of my bunnies. You should choose your bunny from the clear photos I have provided and the collection is safe and contactless, done at my front garden. You can see my set up on my website. You are more than welcome to request more photos and videos of the baby bunnies as well as  both parents, and I am more than happy to chat over the phone to answer any of your questions. I do not have time for any viewings or in person consultations I am afraid.



Loveberry bunnies will not be sold to anyone under 18 years of age without a responsible adult present on the day of reservation and collection. Please do not buy a rabbit  for your kids, and make sure its the decision and commitment of the whole family. I am looking for *forever* homes for my bunnies so please have a good think before buying one.


I never promote or encourage breeding of rabbits. This should only be done by professional, responsible and caring breeders. Forever pet homes are always prioritised for my bunnies and I never sell to breeders unless I know your ethics, set-up and understand your aim of breeding.


You MUST fill in the questionnaire before I consider yourself as a potential owner of Loveberry bunny. You also must provide the information about the set up you are planning to keep your bunny. I am always more than happy to give you set-up ideas depending on your circumstances.


I reserve the right to refuse any reservations to people who I believe are not suitable for my bunnies. 


Please make sure you have done enough research before deciding to get a rabbit. Rabbits are high maintenance pets and may not be suitable for everyone. They generally do not like being picked up and carried in arms and are not as cuddly as dogs and cats therefore please have a think if a rabbit is actually what you want. I am happy to answer questions but I do not offer any consultations to help you decide if you are ready for a rabbit. You must already be ready before contacting me. 



Please arrive in time as arranged before and let me know if there is any changes/delays. Please message me 10 minutes before you arrive and also when you are here just so I know when to come out. If you are late for more than 30 minutes and have not contacted me, your collection will be cancelled and no refund of the holding fee will be made. 


If you do not drive, I can deliver your bunny to your house for extra fuel costs without a problem. If you live hours away from me then I do accept reputable pet courier. There is one I have used myself and can highly recommend.


I guarantee, that on the day of collection, while your bunny was in Loveberry care, it is absolutely healthy and sound. I will never rehome a rabbit with any visible and known health and development problems or concerns. 


Every bunny leaves me with a Proof of Ownership certificate, Loveberry birth certificate, information guide, bag of food , a toy and lifetime support. 


Please make sure you have a suitable carrier on the day of collection. I do not provide carriers.


In the event of your rabbit being unwell or unsound, within 24 hours of purchasing, due to not your fault, you have the option to return the bunny to me identifying any occurred health problems and claim a full refund. The return of the rabbit and refund do not apply in the event of any accidental damage to the rabbit. I hold no responsibility for the wellbeing, health and any veterinary expenses after bunnies leave my care.


Rabbits, especially babies, are one the most difficult animals to sex and their genitals at the age of 8 weeks are still not fully developed. Therefore, I never guarantee the sex of your rabbit and highly recommend getting it checked by your own vet, especially if you have a pair. I am almost certain of the sex of your bunny on the day of collection, but I hold no liability for any wrongly sexed rabbits.



Please read over the paperwork you were given on the day of collection which includes important information about the food your bunny is on, vaccinations and health. 


Please do keep in touch and message me any updates and photos at any point of your bunny's life. You have no idea how much these will be appreciated, always. I have made a highlight folder on Instagram of all my bunnies who have their own Instagram accounts.


If there is any problems and you no longer can keep your bunny bred by Loveberry, please let me know. I will always assist and help you find the best, new forever home for your bunny.

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